Saturday, January 21, 2017

My Cards Are Marching Toward Their Collecting Goal

Aloha, everybody, 

I received a PWE from Jon, the proprietor of the brilliantly named blog,  "A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts". Jon sent some cards to help me along with my "Perfect Game Project" and he chipped away at my Dodgers team sets chase also. 

I don't want to lead off my post with hated Giants, so let's start off with a couple of Dodgers that I needed for the 1970 Topps team set. Here's the skipper, Walter Alston...

You can see The Quiet Man didn't spend as much time at the clubhouse buffet as Tommy Lasorda, his successor. 

Thanks for chipping those guys off my wantlist, Jon. 

OK, on to the 2012 perfect game battery of Matt Cain and Buster Posey...


Cain on flagship 2012 Topps, Posey on the Topps Chrome release...

Jon also sent along the ultimate perfect game card for King Felix, from one of the two perfect games thrown in 2012...

Now I need his battery-mate, John Jaso. Anybody out there got one?

I'm including a shot of Jon's cardboard box packing because it was the first time I'd received cards packed like this, and I want you all to see this option. 

It was a simple box cut to fold in half and protect the cards. Lightweight and easy to fit in a PWE, it was an easy and free packing solution.  

Back to the cards...

This is a nice little card from Sportsflix. When tilted you get a background of baseball threads or the wood grain of a bat. In this scan you can see both. 

Last up is a shot of the stamps Jon chose. Lots of guys use baseball stamps, but this is the first time I got one from Los Angeles Lakers legend, Wilt the Stilt...

I'm wondering if those penguins are a nod to Ron Cey? 

THANKS for helping with my chases Jon. I'll be putting something in the mail for you in around a week's time. 


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Who Says Dodgers and Mets Fans Don't Get Along?

Aloha, everybody, 

I received two PWEs in the mail yesterday, which made me a very happy collector. Sure I was pleased because both hands were filled with cardboard goodies, but even more so, it was because they each filled out needs in my general Dodgers collection and in targeted PC chases. 

First up is the PWE that I received from Mets fan Mark Kaz, of the now-defunct blog, This Way to the Clubhouse. The Dodgers and Mets (and lots of their fans) aren't on each other's Christmas lists because of bad blood that was created during the 2015 NLDS. 

Chase Utley put a hard slide into Ruben Tejada to break up a double play, and Tejada wound up with a broken leg. Mets fans cried "Foul!", Dodgers fans cried "Fair!", and MLB ended up changing the rules for sliding. 

One great thing about our online community is we generally don't let team rivalries get in the way of our hobby. Heck, I'll happily trade with Giants fans. 

Tejada won't forgive Utley, but that's not going to get in the way of some happy holiday trading and good cheer between collecting friends. 

Let's take a look at the Dodgers cards that came to me from the icy east. 

Leading off is this shiny, purply beauty featuring Ryu's K-pop hair and a cool All-Star Rookie cup. Nice! 

Next up is one of my favorite mid-range Dodgers from the past...

The simple black frame works well with Sharpy's black mitt. Bonus: It's always nice to get a card with lurking Wrigley ivy. 

Here's the Dodgers' number three starter with a RC shield...

Speaking of mid-range Dodgers...

Podsednick played only a little for the Dodgers, accomplished a little, was injured a lot, and left for free agency after one season. Scott, we hardly knew ye. 

Lilly was another Dodger who was short on accomplishments but long on the DL. The difference was, he stuck around for a few years doing it. 

Third in this run of little seen, little contributed, is Nick Punto. I will always remember Nick for the modified version of his last name, which some referred to him as. (Hint: it sounds like a derogatory term in Spanish) 

Finally, some cool cardboard of a man who is in no way mid-range, and will forever hold a top spot in every Dodger fan's blue heart forever...

It's a patch card replica of Sandy Koufax's 1955 Topps RC. Wow! 
These RC patches were found in 2013 Topps. I have one from Chipper Jones, and now this Koufax will sit beside it in my binder.

THANKS for the cool cards, Mark!